Madhyanchal Sociological Society


"Sociology" is a multidimensional subject. It will not be an exaggeration if it is termed as the barometer of the society. In its journey since 1838, Sociology has made its mark among the most progressive and interesting subjects. The world is changing with the changing perspective of time. This transformation has given birth to new challenges. Sociology has the potential to provide remedy to these new challenges subject to proper role play by social scientists. In order to make them pursue a proactive approach, it is necessary to ensure a mutual bonding among them directed towards creativity. An effective role for them can be found for finding remedies for the social problems and also for evolving social policies, through discourse and discussions. For such interaction, an healthy organization is the prime requirement. Madhyanchal Sociological Society has been constituted to achieve the aforesaid aims and objectives. Madhyanchal Sociological Society Madhya Pradesh is not only an organization of social scientists but it is also a thought revolution. That why the social scientist from all over India are showing their inclination to join this movement. This organization shall be a medium through which a healthy environment would generate for ensuring social equality and societal responsibilities. The mantra of this organization is “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah

I make this appeal to all social scientists who agree with this view to join us in this movement, so that we can evolve new perspectives on societal and National Development.

Dr.Mahesh Shukla